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10 Boulevard, Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya

About our 10 Boulevard Facility

Address: D-6-47, Block Dahlia, 10 Boulevard, Kayu Ara, Sprint, PJU6A, 47400, Petaling Jaya.

Conveniently located in Kayu Ara, just 5km away from the 1 Utama Shopping Centre and less than 3km from Centrepoint Bandar Utama, With approximately 800 sq ft of dedicated training space, a physio treatment bed, toilet and bath facilities, this space is tailor-made for fitness coaches from most disciplines.

Equipment provided just for you include:

  • squat rack with bumper & tri-grip plates;

  • suspension training equipment;

  • barbells (pump bars & olympic bar);

  • dumbbells;

  • resistance bands;

  • punching bags; and

  • agility tools.


This space was designed by fitness professionals for fitness professionals.
Suitable for 1-to-1, and small to medium group sizes.

10 Boulevard

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