our story

Why we do what we do.

It was a simple idea...

"why are trainers and coaches not earning more?"

"why is it so expensive to set up your own gym?"

"how can we help trainers earn a better living?"

It started in 2016.  A simple conversation over dinner. RM700 in capital, sheer naivety coupled with the decision to make things work out no matter what, led us to where we are today.


We had always wanted a well equipped space to call our own, and we soon realised that so many other trainers and coaches did too.  However, lack of capital, not enough resources and insufficient time made it all very difficult for hard working trainers to start their own thing.

Why did we set up a fitness co-working space?

We we started looking into the fitness industry, we have found that many personal trainers and fitness coaches invest their own money and time into becoming experts in their fields or have exciting new business ideas that have difficulty in reaching out to the right customers. ​These coaches work tirelessly but receive little support or brand development from the places where they provide their services.

FlexMob was founded on the concepts of “flexibility” and “mobility”. Our aim is to provide coaches and trainers with the flexiblity of equipment and time, coupled with the mobility from the size of the space as well as the amenities.

We believe that every personal trainer or fitness coach is entitled to have the opportunity to create better customer experiences, deliver better results and improve their earning potential. We support personal trainers and fitness coaches with innovative marketing support, purpose built facilities, easy to use business development programs and competitive rental packages.

Interested in joining us on our journey?

D-6-47 Blk Dahlia, 10 Boulevard, PJU 6A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
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