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Women focused physio-fitness programming 


Customised physio-fitness program for women that gets you results.

The female body is both beautiful and complex.  The constant rise and fall of hormones coupled with significant physical changes throughout the lifetime of a woman is both amazing and scary at the same time.


That is why our resident physiotherapist Lavinia Chew started this passion project called the Women Wellness Blueprint or "WWB" for short.  It is a combination of physiotherapy and fitness routines that is tailor made for the female body.

It is suitable for women:

  1. looking to improve their fitness level

  2. seeking to prepare for or recover from childbirth

  3. recovering from surgery


Wedding Bells

Want to fit in that amazing dress?  Would you love to look amazing on your big day?

We have just the program for you. It is a 1 to 3 month journey.  The more time you put in the better. but as they say, nothing good ever comes easy.

The best part is that you will learn how to keep that body after your big day.


Injured? Just finished a surgery? Have a persistent old injury? Moving into your senior years but still want to stay strong?

This program is just what you need to strengthen your body and keep you relatively injury free.

As a woman, a strong body is the best investment you can make on yourself.  It is literally the best anti-aging remedy in the world.

Baby Mama

Planning for a family? Worried that your body is not ready for the change?  Or are you recovering from your pregnancy?

A large section of mothers do not know that their bodies have never fully recovered from pregnancy and they may not even know that they are living through the prolonged side effects of a condition that was never fully addressed.

We are here to help.

we recommend small groups

Couples who workout together stay together.

We even have mother-daughter packages just for you.



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