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This is how we sounded like 6 months ago...

We’ve finally uploaded it. Our work product recorded 6 months ago. Boy, have we changed but we still feel that it is good to share. So share it we will!

Stay tuned to find out what Flexmob is all about.

Our website has recently gone live!!



If you are a trainer, did you know that your client retention is higher when you work with a physiotherapist?

If you are interested to communicate with us, leave us a like and a comment or you can email us at:

Check out our coaches at:

Lavinia Chew -

Luke Lango -

Pavithra Chanderan -

May Low -

Alex -

Melissa -

Jay -

This footage is property of Flexmob Studios and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Flexmob Studios. For any requests from media contact us at


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