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The Knee

A workshop.

Understand and Learn How to Maintain a Healthy Knee

13th May 2023
10am - 12pm
at Flexmob Physiofitness

D-6-47, 10 Boulevard, Kayu Ara, PJ

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Presented by Bridget Ng,
Athletic Trainer and Therapist at Flexmob Sdn Bhd.

Bridget is an experienced Athletic Trainer and therapist who graduated and practised in the US since 14 years ago. 

She has dealt with the rehabilitation of professional athletes for most of her career. She is an expert in the movement of the human body and has helped many heal from acute and chronic pain since coming back to Malaysia. One of the areas of her speciality is the Knee joint. 

Reasons this workshop is suitable for you

My knee pain has been there for a long time. It affects my movement, I learned to get used to it but I wish it could be resolved.

I have spent money and tried all kinds of treatment for my knee but nothing seems to work.

I want to know what causes knee pain. I hear about it, seen people having it and I'm afraid I will get it too.

I have been feeling a bit stiff in the knees. I'm afraid it will develop some problems. I want to know how I can prevent that from happening.

I want to know how to have stronger knees.

I'm very active. How do I improve my performance in the sports/activities I do by strengthening my knees?

What we will cover in the workshop?


  • Common Types of Knee Injuries

  • Causes, Prevention & Treatment

  • Physiotherapy & Strength Training (What, Why & How)

What you will learn:

  • Better understanding of knee pain

  • You will know how to prevent knee pain and injuries in the future

  • Understand what physiotherapy is about and how it can help you

  • Gain knowledge of evidence-based and latest knee rehabilitation information

  • Understand how strength training can help improve knee pain and sport performance

How to Register?

Fees: RM 35/pax (Payment at bottom of page)

Step 1:

to complete the registration form

Step 2:

Come back to this page and complete payment at the bottom of the page
Once registration and payment is complete, we will send you a receipt and confirmation via email within 3 working days.


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Methods of payment:

1. Scan QR Code with any E-Wallet OR
2. Transfer to our account at:

Flexmob Sdn Bhd


A receipt and confirmation of registration will be sent to you via email within 3 working days after payment is complete.

Thank you and see you at the workshop!
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