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The future is the way to go, bringing quality into life is our way to go
Online Zumba Lesson

Delivering and sharing of our knowledge via video calls

It has been in everyone's best interest to curb the spread of the infection during the pandemic and this is us, putting in the effort.

Getting physical therapy remotely helps to address any current problem immediately in the comfort of your own environment with just a call away.

#dontliveinpain #gettreatednow #letphysiohelp

  1. Contact us and let us know what problems you may be having

  2. We will set an appointment for a pre-assessment to make sure that your condition is suitable for Virtual Rehab sessions and to advise on conducive setting for a productive session

  3. Registration, understanding of terms and payment

  4. Set appointment for weekly Virtual Rehab

About the appointment

  1. The duration for each session ranges from 30 to 45 minutes 

  2. Patients cooperation to be punctual for the appointment is highly appreciated

What to prepare for the appointment?

  1. Wear something comfortable and easy to move in (T-shirts and shorts will be best)

  2. Drinking water

  3. Sweat towel (if exercise is expected)

  4. Enough space to move around

  5. Make sure video and audio is clear 

  6. Good and stable internet connection

What is the process like?

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